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Twilight Over The Temples: The Close of Cambodia's Belle Epoque

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A young diplomat pursues honour and glory in an exotic and distant land. He takes on the world, charms a king and falls in love. But the fairytale fades. His duties draw him deep into the turbulent world of plot and counterplot in pre-revolutionary Cambodia. Betrayal comes from an unexpected quarter and paves the way to personal tragedy and national disaster.

Leslie Fielding's screenplay about a young diplomat in Cambodia is fiction and drama, not autobiography or conventional documentary. Adventure, intrigue and romance, thrills and spills are all offered, together with a compelling cast of characters, both real and imagined. Nevertheless, the action does take place in the context of a real international peace negotiation, the failure of which had ultimately appalling consequences for a peaceful people and a nation which deserved better. For this is the story of Cambodia in the '60s and early '70s, with all its exotic beauty, culture and mysticism, before the horrors of the Killing Fields.

This is a highly entertaining read which is all too relevant to some of the difficult issues we face in international relations today. This is a book to enjoy and to learn from.
Lord Patten

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