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Is Diplomacy Dead?

Is Diplomacy Dead? cover

The enlarged and expanded second edition of "Mentioned in Despatches: Is Diplomacy Dead?".

This is a book for both modern diplomatic historians and the informed general public.

The focus is on four major international issues of the 1960s-80s: the Cambodian tragedy; the French 'veto'; the challenge of Japan; the freeing up of world trade. State confidences are laid bare; the techniques of diplomatic reporting, exposed. But there is more to come: times have since changed; diplomatic services have suffered. So, is diplomacy now dead?

In an authoritative preface, Sir Christopher Meyer (former Ambassador in Washington; author of "DC Confidential" and "Getting Our Way") writes as follows:

"The short answer to the question posed by Leslie Fielding is "no". The long answer is set out by the author, elegantly and rigorously, in this important book ...... Weak leadership at the top of the Foreign Office. A Downing Street deaf to what it did not want to hear ...... Never has diplomacy been more necessary than today, as this fine book demonstrates so eloquently".


Readers' Comments

As I expected, it is lively and entertaining. Lord Hurd of Westwell, CH, CBE

Greatly enjoyed it ..... The despatches read really well. Lord Hannay of Chiswick, GCMG, CH

Much enjoyed reading it. I went straight to Section V - the reports say as much about the reporting officers as they do about the author. Lord Wilson of Dinton. GCB

An excellent book. Obviously an historic and thoughtful piece of work. Lord Howe of Aberavon, CH, QC

A most interesting and insightful book. The Rt. Rev. and Rt. Hon. Lord Carey of Clifton

I was interested to read your reflections on the FCO and on the nature of diplomacy in the Epilogue to your book Mentioned in Despatches. Like you, I am encouraged by the current Foreign Secretary's vision for strengthening the FCO. Richard Ottaway MP, (Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, House of Commons)

A brilliant and instructive narrative ..... I admire the professionalism, seriousness and dedication to service, displayed in these despatches. Sir James Adams, KCMG

Never has diplomacy been more necessary than today, as this fine book demonstrates so eloquently. Sir Christopher Meyer, KCMG


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